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Mini Staples!!! – ZOMG!

I got a Tim Holtz “Mini Attacher” the other day which basically means I just got the most amazing stapler EVER! The staples are a QUARTER OF AN INCH! As my sister said, “mini anything is SO CUTE!” (okay – i’ll stop with the CAPS now.. i mean now!)

The 0.25 inch staple refills are 2 bucks for 2000! So… in addition to stapling ribbon and other craft related stuff, I have mini-stapled strategic documents, roles and responsibilities for our new data scientist, and three pages of my datebook (they’re September pages… they don’t count anymore) I hope this doesn’t make recycling more difficult…

Anyhow… behold… an example of the mini stapling awesomeness. – a scrapbook page using Studio Calico’s Roller Rink monthly kit. The website also comes with free inspiration from people who are awesome at design aka awesome effective marketing.

I colored the camera with my copic ciao’s and I have to say that it looks pretty faboo in the picture – the ciao’s are really fun to use. However, I don’t want to get sucked into buying more because I don’t use them enough to justify the cost.

However, I can see myself using Mister Huey’s Color Mists – a lot! I generally dislike messy crafting, which for me equals crafting that requires something wet that I can’t finish in one session, even if it’s like 8 hours.  So unless I have a good system for using something, cleaning it up, and putting it away, it’ll just sit in my cubbies. But Mister Huey’s are great – no sparkle, just saturated color – and the pizza box that my scrapbook kit came in is perfect. Two sprays (that’s the yellow on the page), one quick wipe, cap is back on and we’re ready for lift-off!

PS My dad is the littlest kid in the middle!