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Stamping, Paper Piecing, and Patience

This summer, I started seeing blog posts using WPlus9’s Fresh Cut Florals set everywhere. All the cards were so lovely and I waited a long time for the set to come back into stock. I stamped all the tiny pieces in black, scanned them in, created cut files and used my Silhouette to make a large amount of die cuts for each stamp. I thought if the pieces just needed to be stamped, I’d be more inclined to use them.

As lovely as projects may be using this layering/paper piecing method, its a lot of work even though I have pre-cut shapes! Note to self – you will only use sets like this twice a year!



Hero Arts – Christmas Ink Cubes Pack Swatches


I still don’t know how to use the Gold ink with stamps effectively, however, it creates a beautiful burnished gold color when stamped directly onto paper. There’s a slight shimmer to it as well.


NOTE: I didn’t make any additional swatches for Red Royal. If you want to see a swatch, it’s available in this post.

I really love the ink cube form factor. Too bad they didn’t come out earlier this year – I would have saved a TON of money when I learned about the Shadow Ink pads. The size is quite perfect for the accent stamping I do on Project Life and greeting cards.

Forever green is a really great holiday and nature color.

IMG_5788The silver is okay – it’s a shadow ink so I wasn’t looking for a bright metallic.

Hero Arts Silver


Another pic to try and capture the subtle sheen.Hero Arts Silver - sheenI’m not quite sure what I’ll do with the gold in this pack — it’s just very odd to me. It’s very splotchy and unlike other shadow inks, it doesn’t fill in solid images very well. I’ve stamped it MANY times, making sure it’s very inky on the stamp, but it looks so odd when stamped. Maybe I just don’t get the aesthetic Hero Arts was going for or I have a defective one. I have heard awesome things about Unicorn though and will probably pick up one of those next time I visit my LSS.

Hero Arts GoldIMG_5784

Still Waiting for Letterpress

Still using my Lifestyle Crafts emboss folders to experiment while I wait for the Studio Calico letterpress plates to restock. In the meantime, I busted out the letterpress inks again. Even using lots of cooking oil, it’s such a messy pain in the butt and I still haven’t figured out how to distribute the ink properly. But it’s also strangely addicting. Here are two cards I made this week.IMG_5055

IMG_5056I have a few plates on order (the ones that I’ll most likely use for the holidays) that will hopefully come soon, but the others I want are still out of stock. Oh wells. I have an Erin Condren planner, December Daily and letterpress package on the way (fingers crossed!) so hopefully it will soon be Christmas in October!

Below are some detailed pictures that compare the debossed/inked effect when using Delicata Gold ink, the Letterpress gold, and the Letterpress Turquoise (from left to right). I’ve seen some amazing results with both the Delicata and letterpress inks but I don’t have the technique quite right yet–I think I need to get the ink guide strips. Off to find some more tutorials!

Tips – Acrylic Stamps and the Arm Trick

IMG_5061I love buying solid stamps but I’ve never been able to create the smooth solid image I see on blogs all the time. I’ve bought all different types of stamp inks to try to achieve that look to no avail. The first example below is using Versafine in Habanero. The second uses the Hero Arts Shadow Ink Green Hills – both stamps are from Mama Elephant. As you can see, they make my inner perfectionist cringe so I don’t use them in projects.

This all changed recently after reading about the “arm trick” on the Studio Calico message board.  After trying this trick on almost every solid acrylic stamp I own, I can say with confidence that this trick creates the solid smooth results that inspired all my stamp purchases.

Before you ink up, rub the stamp on your arm a few times. The stamp will pick up some type of gunk from your arm – I noticed a thin film of skin on the stamp. This is gross but the results are awesome. I stamped on top of packing material, another technique a fellow crafter taught me.  The arm-tricked versions are on the right and the non-tricked versions are on the left.


IMG_5063For the first time, I can EASILY replicate the solid stamp look I’ve been yearning for since I bought my first stamp set last year. I’m so happy I just had to share this. If anyone else has another tip that doesn’t involve rubbing skin, please let me know! In the meantime, I’ll just convince myself that I’m not doing anything unhygienic like transferring skin onto my ink pads because the results are so worth it.

My Favorite Gold Stamp Pad – Delicata Gold

After the first Christmas mock cards, my gold emboss powder clearly wasn’t going to cut it and I started looking for an alternative. (If anyone has recommendations for an emboss powder that looks like 24k gold, please let me know!)

I’ve seen many people rave about the Delicata gold ink stamp pad. These projects are usually very beautiful, but the gold ink never stands out in pictures. I’ve also never seen Delicata in a store so when I saw it visiting Hobby Lobby for the first time — the one I visited was so enormous and had a fantastic selection! — I decided to try it out.


It is amazing and looks like gilded gold on stamps.

IMG_4666I was impressed by how detailed the stamps came out. The ink is phenomenal on cardstock in real life, but after taking a ton of shots this afternoon and early evening I now understand why the amazing quality of the gold does not always convey in pictures. I’m not a very good photographer but I think it’s because the ink has a slight holographic quality. See the little glints of pink and green on the leaves?

IMG_4667My mom is visiting from out of town and she’s so enjoyed learning to stamp using this pad. It looks so pretty on dark colors!IMG_4675 She liked the pad so much, she made all her Christmas cards this week!