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Canon S100 Macro is STILL awesome

The Sony RX100 camera is very good but its macro function leaves much to be desired. Though I’ve had the camera for months, I still can’t bring myself to sell my Canon S100 because of amazing macro pictures like the one below.

From a six hour layover in Charles de Gaulle Airport

Bought these during a six hour layover in Charles de Gaulle Airport

During our Italy trip, I only brought the RX100 out and though the majority of photos from that camera were stunning, none of our food pictures turned out well. On our next vacation, I will have to bring out a slightly larger bag.

Sony RX100 versus Canon S100 – Colorful Woven Card


Daylight – RX100 with POP filter.

Over the holiday, we got the Sony RX100.

I generally take pictures of my dog, crafts, and food and I don’t think I’m ready to lug around a DSLR. We plan on traveling more though and I really want to bring more depth and more detail to our photos. My husband was sold because MKBHD calls the RX100 MarkII the best point and shoot ever and the Mark I is not very different from the MarkII.

We’ve had the camera for three weeks now and I’m still now sure how I feel about it. Canon’s colors are definitely more vivid and saturated in the auto mode and I really like how it automatically handles white balance, especially in lower-light situations. The macro is also very pleasing and allows me to get really close to subjects. The Sony has an amazing depth of field and seems to capture colors that are more close to life. I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch and a lot of issues could be related to the fact that I have a lot to learn about good composition. As we play with it more though because I’m slowly realizing that while they’re both great cameras, they both excel in different areas that are all important to me.

For crafts, RX100 renders very muted photos in the intelligent mode without any adjustments. I’ve taken photos in RAW, using SCN, and manually. So far, I like the intelligent mode on the POP filter with brightness adjusted a little bit. (I think I like artificial cartoonish colors!)



Sony RX-100 – Intelligent mode, Brightness adjusted 2 clicks, Focus adjusted 5 clicks, POP filter


Sony RX-100 – Intelligent mode, Brightness adjusted 2 clicks, Focus adjusted 5 clicks, POP filter


Canon S100 – Auto



SONY RX100 – Intelligent Mode, no adjustments


Sony RX100 – Intelligent mode using POP filter, increased exposure, and background focus to increase f-stop



Sony RX100 – Intelligent mode using POP filter


CANON S-100 – Auto

My favorite photo is at the beginning of the post but after taking so many comparison shots, I’m not really sure anymore. What do you think? Hopefully some folks who have more know about photography can help us learn how to use both cameras to better effect.