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Mama Elephant Stamp Review

I first heard about Mama Elephant from a Two Peas In A Bucket newsletter. But I wasn’t really inspired to buy anything until I saw this blog post by Kristina Werner. She made a hysterically simple card using the Good Times set. I loved it so much that I tried to recreate Kristina’s card with my own stock of stuff. My best friend and I had a great laugh over the card’s sentiment.


It was difficult deciding which sets to purchase. They’re so versatile – at one point, I had 8 sets in my basket. But I decided to pace myself and settled on four sets. My order included So Breezy, Good Times, Believe in Magic, and Smitten. The customer service and shipping were superb – I received an email just a few hours after I ordered on a Thursday morning and the stamps arrived on Monday. (The stamps came from NY and I’m in the DC region). They came packaged in a bubble wrap envelope and wrapped in some paper sealed with a Mama Elephant sticker.



I love these sets and can’t wait for more to come out. The font combinations and cleverness of the sentiments makes it really easy to create simple cards that have a unique style. The details are excellent – look at how the finger gaps are even clearly articulated!



I’ve bought many stamp sets since last September (I call them start-up costs since I just started stamping last fall) and these sentiment sets are in a class of their own. A lot of my stamps are versatile in a nondescript way – they don’t compete but also don’t add very much style to my cards. I’m not sure how to describe it but these mama elephant stamps really seem to enhance cards with their wit and humor. I can’t wait to use all of them, especially the snow globe in the Believe in Magic set!

UPDATE May 10, 2013

A Project Life card using the So Breezy set and Hero Arts Shadow Inks (the boy is in Soft Stone).


Hero Arts Shadow Ink Cubes

UPDATE March 24, 2013

I added an additional pic of the ink cube’s ink pad so folks can see it in detail. Hope this helps!


Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures – my beloved S100 finally experienced the dreaded recall lens error and is in repair. I just couldn’t resist sharing my love for these great little ink cube packs so I used my cellie’s camera.

I knew I had to get the Hero Arts Shadow Ink Cubes as soon as I saw them in the Hero Arts catalog. I’ve been collecting the large ink pads a few at a time since last September and these cubes are a perfect size to try out new colors, take up very little space, and are a perfect size for all my Project Life mini image and word stamps.

The packs were not available from Hero Arts’ online shop earlier this month. My LSS put the order in right before CHA 2013 and I didn’t get them until this past Wednesday, but they are totally worth the wait!

Shadow Ink Cubes

These 8 are from the AF 239 “Just Beachy” and AF240 “Field Notes” packs. They’re super juicy and although I have some duplicates (Pool, Green Hills, and Wet Cement) I find these super easy to use and very convenient. They’re very similar to the Versamark cubes in shape and size, although I prefer the nothced top of the Versamark cubes, which better enable stacking. That said, these came in very handy plastic packaging which is perfect for a crop.


I also picked up the Neon package. I’ve never used neon in my crafts before and I probably would never have invested in the full-sized neons. But  this the AF 241 Neon Pack is a the perfect sampler. I also picked up a large Neon yellow.


I started creating a reference page so I could compare these colors to my Stampin Up pads. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I think my Stampin Up pads (which are all the new ones reformulated in 2012) have similar qualities to the Hero Arts Inks – they both go on darker, dry lighter, and seem to magically fill in solid images. After playing with both the last few weeks, I love both and now have more than enough ink pads to last me a lifetime… right after I get the Bubble Gum and Raspberry Jam shadow inks. 🙂 TTFN

Copic ciaos would have made first grade so much easier

It would have also meant that I could afford copic ciaos but that’s for another post.

In elementary school, I hated coloring so much that once i tried to turn in a blank sheet of white paper as an illustration. I’m sure I got the idea from one of the disaffected child geniuses my friends and I spent most of our time reading about. Let’s just say that my teacher didn’t find it so clever.
Recently, I realized that maybe I didn’t hate coloring so much as I hated the outcomes of stuff that I colored because I lacked technique. Now that I’ve discovered watercolor markers and Copic ciaos, I realize that blending – the sheer idea of using a lighter color marker to blend out the color of a darker color was like awful sacrilege in my child’s mind – “It’ll ruin the tip!!”) – changes everything. I have used my Silhouette’s Print and Cut feature as an excuse to cut and color a strange assortment of things – I know – but I gotta say, it’s kind of fun. Now, I know I’m not very good at this yet (particularly with the watercolor markers – see Strawberry, Shortcake) but man I love practicing. And I have to seriously control myself from getting the Prisma Color pro pencils which I’ve heard are amazing!

Mini Staples!!! – ZOMG!

I got a Tim Holtz “Mini Attacher” the other day which basically means I just got the most amazing stapler EVER! The staples are a QUARTER OF AN INCH! As my sister said, “mini anything is SO CUTE!” (okay – i’ll stop with the CAPS now.. i mean now!)

The 0.25 inch staple refills are 2 bucks for 2000! So… in addition to stapling ribbon and other craft related stuff, I have mini-stapled strategic documents, roles and responsibilities for our new data scientist, and three pages of my datebook (they’re September pages… they don’t count anymore) I hope this doesn’t make recycling more difficult…

Anyhow… behold… an example of the mini stapling awesomeness. – a scrapbook page using Studio Calico’s Roller Rink monthly kit. The website also comes with free inspiration from people who are awesome at design aka awesome effective marketing.

I colored the camera with my copic ciao’s and I have to say that it looks pretty faboo in the picture – the ciao’s are really fun to use. However, I don’t want to get sucked into buying more because I don’t use them enough to justify the cost.

However, I can see myself using Mister Huey’s Color Mists – a lot! I generally dislike messy crafting, which for me equals crafting that requires something wet that I can’t finish in one session, even if it’s like 8 hours.  So unless I have a good system for using something, cleaning it up, and putting it away, it’ll just sit in my cubbies. But Mister Huey’s are great – no sparkle, just saturated color – and the pizza box that my scrapbook kit came in is perfect. Two sprays (that’s the yellow on the page), one quick wipe, cap is back on and we’re ready for lift-off!

PS My dad is the littlest kid in the middle!

Custom colorized and sized embellishments

I couldn’t resist… after getting the hang of putting one page together, I got sad at the idea that all the money I’d spent for digital files to create embellishments would go to waste. So voila – a page using mostly custom cut, filled, and “stickled” embellishment and just two premade ones.

J.Crew Petite 0 versus 00 Coletta Coat

I’ve wanted a J.Crew winter coat in Sea Salt for years but never felt comfortable with the steep price tag. With all the wonderful deals this recent black Friday, I finally decided to pull the trigger. The size 0 was too large in every dimension – length of the arms, the waistband etc – and the SA convinced me to order it in Petite 0. When it arrived, I was really disappointed to find that while the length and arms had been shortened (too short actually), the width of the coat itself remained unchanged, rendering my petite frame boxy and out of proportion. I exchanged it for a 00 which I hope will be a better fit. It should arrive on Monday and hopefully it fits!


I received the 00 and though the sleeves are too long, everything else fits better so I no longer look more truncated or short than I already am. Here’s a picture of how it fits on my 5’3″ frame. (Please forgive the mess and the hair band!)

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