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Flower by Drew Barrymore Shine On Lipgloss and Lipbutter

UPDATE March 24, 2013

I have to amend my review of the packaging. After about 3 weeks sitting inside my makeup bag, the cap of the Lip Butter cracked and won’t stay closed. The lip butter formula is still amazing but alas, it’s much harder to use now.


After seeing this positive review about the new Flower makeup line by Drew Barrymore nail polish, I decided to take a break from rearranging my office and making cards and try out some of the lip products.

I LOVE sets of everything and have a tendency to collect things in multiple colors so I went in with a limit of one item per category. Last time I got really excited about a drugstore brand, I ended up with multiple Revlon butters. I wanted to love them as much as everyone else online seemed to but alas, they made my lips very dry.

But I am super excited about the Shine On Lipgloss and Lip Service Lip Butter because they are AWESOME! While waiting for some gluten free takeout from PF Chang’s (egg drop soup, lettuce wrap, and sauteed snow peas), I decided to see if my Walmart had any products in stock. We had many of the lip colors, mascaras, and nail polish. Based on the review I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t surprised that the nail polish section was nearly out of stock. I decided to get a lip butter and lip gloss.

The lip gloss was fairly easy to choose; I got “Baby’s Breath” which is also labeled as LG2. For the lip butter, I hesitated between the “Princess and the Peony” and “Haute Honeysuckle” colors. I have a thing for lip products with an orange undertone even though they look quite awful on me. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and I picked the “Haute Honeysuckle.”

Flower Makeup by Drew Barrymore - Lip Butter Display

In addition to being dressed like a bum in sweats, my lips were also super chapped so I had pretty low expectations as I swiped them both on in the car. But amazingly, they are both awesome on and my lips feel moisturized a full two hours after application. On my lips, “Baby’s Breath’s” color is in between LORAC’s Couture Shine Liquid Lip in Haute and Chanel‘s Praline lipgloss; I’ve purchased both many times.




As for the lip butter, it just might rival my holy grail Dior Addict lipstick.The texture is light but very moisturizing. I love it. IMG_2380


Some reviewers expressed disappointment in the packaging – I think it’s alright. As long as it’s not terrible, doesn’t smell funny, and doesn’t break and spill all over, I’ll live. Great packaging may have led me to purchase less than stellar products in the past, but it has never prevented me from buying something. In this case, the product quality completely outweighs any other factor.

I wanted to like all the great drugstore releases last year but outside of the nail polishes, they were mostly a bust. These two products are awesome so maybe I’ll have better luck in 2013. Go Drew!