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J Crew’s Downtown Field Jacket – XXS vs PXS

J Crew had an awesome 40% off the retail price on their classic Downtown Field Jacket this week. According to the store in my mall, they’re only available online at the moment so I had to order online. I usually get J Crew blazers and outwear in 00 or XXS but the sleeve length is unpredictable. I’m happy that I ordered both the XXS and PXS because the PXS looks like it was tailored just for me! The similar torso width originally made the jacket look a little boxy, but there are some buttons in the back, (whose moniker escapes me!) that enable easy adjustment. Some pics of the differences between the XXS and PXS below — as expected, the PXS is shorter in length in every dimension. DSC03425



J.Crew Petite 0 versus 00 Coletta Coat

I’ve wanted a J.Crew winter coat in Sea Salt for years but never felt comfortable with the steep price tag. With all the wonderful deals this recent black Friday, I finally decided to pull the trigger. The size 0 was too large in every dimension – length of the arms, the waistband etc – and the SA convinced me to order it in Petite 0. When it arrived, I was really disappointed to find that while the length and arms had been shortened (too short actually), the width of the coat itself remained unchanged, rendering my petite frame boxy and out of proportion. I exchanged it for a 00 which I hope will be a better fit. It should arrive on Monday and hopefully it fits!


I received the 00 and though the sleeves are too long, everything else fits better so I no longer look more truncated or short than I already am. Here’s a picture of how it fits on my 5’3″ frame. (Please forgive the mess and the hair band!)

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