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Hero Arts Garden Party Shadow Ink Cubes – Mint Julep and Fresh Peach

They’re here! They’re here!

I’m so excited that the Mint Julep and Fresh Peach Hero Arts shadow ink cubes finally came in! They came in a set with two other colors I already have. I really like having duplicate colors especially because I often fall in love with them and want to share with my sister. Here’s a pic of the pack. At a recent crop, I found the simple plastic holder convenient for bringing over other colors.


This is what they look like stamped with my Evalicious “love” stamp. I stamped the Fresh Peach first and it took me many stamps before I could get a pure representation of the Mint Julep. Looking at this picture, there might be little traces left along the outline of “love.”


I love all my shadow inks but I think Mint Julep and Fresh Peach just became my absolute favorites! Here’s a zoomed out picture – Fresh Peach is very similar toSoft Cantalope and Pale Tomato but they’re all slightly different hues. As always, these inks create beautiful images.




Hero Arts Shadow Ink Swatches

A few months ago, I used an evalicious love stamp on everything. My Hero Arts Shadow Ink swatches were no exception. The swatches are particularly helpful for these inks because they usually start off saturated and soften over time (please forgive the mess ups that are covered by turquoise washi tape – I made the swatches when I first started stamping and was still climbing up the a learning curve). I can’t wait for the new Fresh Peach Mid-Tone Shadow Ink to arrive – Ronnie from Goldenshill Papercrafts is putting in an order of the new Garden Ink Cube Pack for me, which also has the new Mint Julep color. I think I’ll make a new single and more organized swatch page after they arrive.

Hero Arts Swatches One

Hero Arts Swatches Two

Hero Arts Shadow Ink Cubes

UPDATE March 24, 2013

I added an additional pic of the ink cube’s ink pad so folks can see it in detail. Hope this helps!


Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures – my beloved S100 finally experienced the dreaded recall lens error and is in repair. I just couldn’t resist sharing my love for these great little ink cube packs so I used my cellie’s camera.

I knew I had to get the Hero Arts Shadow Ink Cubes as soon as I saw them in the Hero Arts catalog. I’ve been collecting the large ink pads a few at a time since last September and these cubes are a perfect size to try out new colors, take up very little space, and are a perfect size for all my Project Life mini image and word stamps.

The packs were not available from Hero Arts’ online shop earlier this month. My LSS put the order in right before CHA 2013 and I didn’t get them until this past Wednesday, but they are totally worth the wait!

Shadow Ink Cubes

These 8 are from the AF 239 “Just Beachy” and AF240 “Field Notes” packs. They’re super juicy and although I have some duplicates (Pool, Green Hills, and Wet Cement) I find these super easy to use and very convenient. They’re very similar to the Versamark cubes in shape and size, although I prefer the nothced top of the Versamark cubes, which better enable stacking. That said, these came in very handy plastic packaging which is perfect for a crop.


I also picked up the Neon package. I’ve never used neon in my crafts before and I probably would never have invested in the full-sized neons. But¬† this the AF 241 Neon Pack is a the perfect sampler. I also picked up a large Neon yellow.


I started creating a reference page so I could compare these colors to my Stampin Up pads. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I think my Stampin Up pads (which are all the new ones reformulated in 2012) have similar qualities to the Hero Arts Inks – they both go on darker, dry lighter, and seem to magically fill in solid images. After playing with both the last few weeks, I love both and now have more than enough ink pads to last me a lifetime… right after I get the Bubble Gum and Raspberry Jam shadow inks. ūüôā TTFN

For Yoko

I’m sad I couldn’t make it to my friend’s wedding in Japan – especially since it turned out to be a mini-reunion! I was a little perplexed trying to get them a personal and thoughtful gift not being at the wedding and having never met the groom.

Once I saw the pictures though, I was inspired to create some pages to jump start an album for them. The photos – especially the ones from my friend’s camera – were so lovely I knew this would be a perfect gift from me to them. So floaty and pretty.

From the memory-keeping side, I have noticed a few things.

The In-My-Head Process

  • After focusing on cards for so many years, the story-telling aspect of scrapbooking really trips me up. When I’m at an event, it is challenging for me to distill the essence of a story into one or a few photos. Making these pages was a breeze compared to how I’ve been agonizing over every aspect of my sister’s album. Not being at my friend’s wedding helped me to tell a much more cohesive visual story because I had no actual story to align it to! Don’t know if it’s a good thing, but I’m going to try harder with my sister’s book to focus on a theme¬† (maybe good times, then and now, quirky things I love about her, funny memory) rather than capturing every moment of the event.
  • I’ve spent the last few months obsessively learning every technique including watercoloring, drawing patters, stamping (when to stamp and how, particular on solid images), copics, stickles, embossing, ribbon, misting, splotching (I don’t know if that’s a word but it feels suitable for describing dotting the page with inky dots, and washi tape (there are DEFINITELY techniques associated with using washi – see here)*. These pages represent the first time all that learning came together naturally for me – I wasn’t making a page because of the technique (except for maybe the “A Toast” page) – but other than that, it all felt like I’d mastered enough of the techniques to focus on the story or thought I wanted to visually communicate rather than worrying about the technique.

Products/lines that helped ease me into scrapbooking:

  • Studio Calico products and the member gallery have been awesome in helping me incorporate the embellishments that really add the most oomph to a page. I spent the first two months of my subscription very overwhelmed looking at everyone’s pictures. I want to develop my own aesthetic and I’m more confident now doing my own thing. The members of this community are amazingly gifted.
  • Misting and splotching with Mister Huey’s add something very subtle and special to each page. I found this video on youtube by CardofMyEye that demonstrates the basic techniques really well.
  • Hero Arts Shadow inks are so beautiful – they create a floaty image on washed out color schemes and fill in solid stamps so beautifully. From the reviews I’ve seen on Youtube, I’m super excited to add StampinUp’s new ink pads to the mix for my more crisp and graphic pieces.
  • Paper by Basic Grey. So versatile and atmospheric – ’nuff said!

* Scarletbird’s posts and my friend who got me a million amazing washi for Xmas are responsible for my etsy washi tape shopping spree. I’m afraid this spree will double my collection in about a week. I was stocking up for the year. Yep, that’s my story.

Mini Books are awesome

We adopted our dog Domo about a month ago from a relative. He’s brought so much joy to our lives that I wanted to find a meaningful way to thank them.

Enter Amy Tangerine’s mini book. I bought the “Hug Life” book. I’m new to all this so I’m not entirely sure but the mini book seems designed as an easy base for embellishments, photos, and journaling. The papers inside all have different weights which I have begun to pay attention to because my Hero Arts shadow inks definitely sink into paper. Though I wouldn’t expect the shadow inks to provide the crispness of Stazon or Versamark, the edges of the stamps using the shadow ink were very fuzzy and indistinct. Some of the pages were a little crinkled, particularly the scalloped half square and the yellow graph paper with a typewriter, but I think it just adds to the whole aesthetic.

I’ve seen these on the shelves at Joann’s for months now and didn’t think much of the format. But after getting some 8.5×11 scrapbooking experience under my belt, the mini book seemed the cutest and most achievable way for me to show that we appreciate and love Domo dearly. I love this book so much I want one for myself now. I guess I’ll just have to settle for pictures and the real thing :).

Lots of pictures below.

The caption on the second to last page references my 2012 vision board (not 2011 – I corrected it). Essentially, in January of this year, I chose pictures to reflect an aspiration for more warmth, innocence, and nesting. I put pictures of dogs on my board never thinking that we’d actually adopt a dog. Yet… here we are. The power of intention is mysterious and strong. Thank you universe.

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I love my Tim Holtz Distress Marker set

Studio Calico had an awesome coupon the other day for 50% all writing instruments. I used the coupon to purchase the 37 set distress markers from Tim Holtz and 3 Hero Arts shadow inks (soft granite, soft green, and red royal). The package arrived just two days after I placed my order! As many reviews have noted, it comes in a clear plastic container with a black lid. The lid isn’t the easiest to pull on and off but the container itself is very handy. For some reason, one of my markers had a black smudge on the cap.

Tim Holtz markers in canister

The markers are double ended, with a brush on one side and a fine tip for journaling on the other. I learned pretty quickly that I’ll need to be careful not to dry out my fine tip because the cap needs to be snapped back on. That doesn’t seem to be the case on the brush end – at least on my set.

I was very excited to test out all the colors and decided to create a guide page of all the colors so I can have a handy reference while crafting. The ink of some markers like Barn Door and Fired Brick did not flow well and seemed a little dried out. That might be because they were stored vertically with the brush end at the top and after turning them with the brush side facing down for about 10 minutes, the ink started flowing nicely. I’m new to using markers in my crafting so this might be common knowledge but next time, I’ve learned to let the ink flow in the direction I need for a little while before swatching so I won’t end up putting wear on a dry brush tip. I’m also going to do¬† my best to store the markers horizontally so that I don’t dry out a tip.

2012-12-20 11.52.43

Gratuitous picture of the set – I love sets of colorful everything!

I love my distress ink pads and as others have noted, the ‘matching’ markers are¬† complementary in color, not exact matches to the ink pads. (You can also tell I was watching “Game of Thrones” while swatching the colors because I subconsciously started writing ‘westeros’ after I swatched Black Soot.)

distress markers guide001

Below I tested out some of the colors using both acrylic and rubber stamps. They look pretty amazing used with rubber stamps, creating a surprisingly crisp image. I used the Pumice Stone marker — the brownish-grey — on the middle “the everyday” evalicious stamp.

2012-12-20 12.03.31

I really like all of the colors, particular all the shades of neutral nudes. I think they’ll make great shadows and add dimension to cut out shapes. After swatching and playing, I would have to say that Picket Fence is my favorite. It’s actually somewhat opaque. The white appears less translucent in the picture below but in real life, it gives an almost chalkboard effect on black paper. I can’t wait to use it to create a wash on dark patterned papers. I think Picket Fence is the only slightly opaque Distress Marker and the pen tip of this marker, unlike the others, looks like felt rather than plastic.

Picket Fence Distress Marker

Personalized Gifts – Elmo style

I can never quite figure out what to get little boys for gifts. I always joke with my friends that the first one of us who has a little girl is going to have a lot of Hello Kitty stationery because I’m pretty much going to buy a little girl every girly thing I wanted as a kid.

However, with boys, I don’t know. I actually didn’t get a lot of girly stuff as a kid – we got a lot of Lego sets and Gameboy games. But they all seemed generically cool to the 10 year old me – the distinctions between pirate or spaceship Lego sets was pretty much meaningless so long as I got Legos. So you can imagine my chagrin at discovering that some boys are horrified when someone (clueless¬† me!) could so much as SUGGEST that they would like Star Wars Legos.

To top it off, most of my friends’ have kids that get just about every toy they want so that doesn’t leave Autie Peri with many options. Since I have already bought these kids a lot of my favorite books, I decided to do something a little different and create a memento. I got a scrapbook frame and used Studio Calico monthly kit papers and stamps to create this framed page. Jai’s Elmo-themed birthday party is next week and I figured this would be a cute way to capture some memories from his baby years.

I have two favorite parts to this layout. First, the Hero Arts Shadow Inks. This is the first time I’ve stamped tone-on-tone (the neutral color is called Sand) and I have to say I love it. Second, is the color scheme. When I first started pulling this together, everything was very primary color and very graphic. I’m really happy that I found a way to incorporate Elmo in a color scheme that I felt was more subtle but still really fun. I know that as a two year old he may not appreciate this gift too much now (that’s what the Elmo themed cupcakes are for!) but I think it will be a more enduring gift than the dump truck I was originally eyeing.

Close-up of the Sand Hero Arts Inkpad. I don’t know if the technique is actually called tone-on-tone – I’ve been reading so much scrapbook stuff this week that I might have made it up in a sleep-deprived haze or it might have come from someone else. Either way, I really like it.