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Personalized Gifts – Elmo style

I can never quite figure out what to get little boys for gifts. I always joke with my friends that the first one of us who has a little girl is going to have a lot of Hello Kitty stationery because I’m pretty much going to buy a little girl every girly thing I wanted as a kid.

However, with boys, I don’t know. I actually didn’t get a lot of girly stuff as a kid – we got a lot of Lego sets and Gameboy games. But they all seemed generically cool to the 10 year old me – the distinctions between pirate or spaceship Lego sets was pretty much meaningless so long as I got Legos. So you can imagine my chagrin at discovering that some boys are horrified when someone (clueless  me!) could so much as SUGGEST that they would like Star Wars Legos.

To top it off, most of my friends’ have kids that get just about every toy they want so that doesn’t leave Autie Peri with many options. Since I have already bought these kids a lot of my favorite books, I decided to do something a little different and create a memento. I got a scrapbook frame and used Studio Calico monthly kit papers and stamps to create this framed page. Jai’s Elmo-themed birthday party is next week and I figured this would be a cute way to capture some memories from his baby years.

I have two favorite parts to this layout. First, the Hero Arts Shadow Inks. This is the first time I’ve stamped tone-on-tone (the neutral color is called Sand) and I have to say I love it. Second, is the color scheme. When I first started pulling this together, everything was very primary color and very graphic. I’m really happy that I found a way to incorporate Elmo in a color scheme that I felt was more subtle but still really fun. I know that as a two year old he may not appreciate this gift too much now (that’s what the Elmo themed cupcakes are for!) but I think it will be a more enduring gift than the dump truck I was originally eyeing.

Close-up of the Sand Hero Arts Inkpad. I don’t know if the technique is actually called tone-on-tone – I’ve been reading so much scrapbook stuff this week that I might have made it up in a sleep-deprived haze or it might have come from someone else. Either way, I really like it.