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Amy Tangerine Embroidery Stitch Kit Review – Yes Please!

I love seeing embroidery on scrapbook pages and cards but it never seemed like something I could get into because I really have no space for another large gadget. Twenty years ago, I begged my mom to buy me one of those handheld sewing machines and it sucked. I’m sure the technology has evolved but I dunno. I could probably be convinced if someone came out with a machine that is 9 inches tall and baby turquoise-colored. Until then, I’ve found a super rad way to add stitching to my pages – Amy Tangerine’s Stitch Kit!

I saw the kits while browsing at Paper Source a few weeks ago. I got the “Yes Please” kit which has clouds, arrows, a camera and other cute shapes. It’s a really simple idea and I probably could have made my own version but the kit makes everything so easy. I’m pretty terrible at sewing stuff but for some reason, this kit is awesome. It’s super relaxing and easy. Even though it’s somewhat time consuming for a newbie like me, it’s very relaxing. Thank youTube for teaching me about back stitches! This video from Amy Tangerine was really helpful for a complete sewing noob like me.

The kit comes with two transparent plastic stitch pattern sheets, a small mat and hole poker for poking holes, and a craft thread inserted into three large needles.


Embroidery Hole Poker

Some examples of the handiwork:



I’ve already run out of most of the craft thread that came with the kit and found some replacement thread at Walmart. I’ve been so thrilled by the results of using the stencils on my projects that I started making my own alphabet stencils. So fun!