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Using copic markers for embellishments

Maybe it’s because I’m new to Copic markers, but the amount of work it takes to color in something often prevents me from actually finishing the whole project.

The helmet is an embellishment I created months ago when I was experimenting with my Silhouette Cameo’s Print-and-Cut function. My husband loves the Redskins so I knew I’d use it at some point.

I’m really digging the Studio Calico papers I got in the Scrapbook kits. I feel like their paper selection is much more gender neutral than what I usually find at the craft store. The card is in no way shape or form girly, which is an accomplishment for me! Even my husband thought it was cool.

Copic ciaos would have made first grade so much easier

It would have also meant that I could afford copic ciaos but that’s for another post.

In elementary school, I hated coloring so much that once i tried to turn in a blank sheet of white paper as an illustration. I’m sure I got the idea from one of the disaffected child geniuses my friends and I spent most of our time reading about. Let’s just say that my teacher didn’t find it so clever.
Recently, I realized that maybe I didn’t hate coloring so much as I hated the outcomes of stuff that I colored because I lacked technique. Now that I’ve discovered watercolor markers and Copic ciaos, I realize that blending – the sheer idea of using a lighter color marker to blend out the color of a darker color was like awful sacrilege in my child’s mind – “It’ll ruin the tip!!”) – changes everything. I have used my Silhouette’s Print and Cut feature as an excuse to cut and color a strange assortment of things – I know – but I gotta say, it’s kind of fun. Now, I know I’m not very good at this yet (particularly with the watercolor markers – see Strawberry, Shortcake) but man I love practicing. And I have to seriously control myself from getting the Prisma Color pro pencils which I’ve heard are amazing!