Disney castle foiled and ombré-style

I finally got the Studio Calico Disney-themed Smalls castle stamp and have been playing with it non-stop. The Disney-love is intense in my circle so this set is going to get a ton of use. Two small experiments below with a Hero arts’ ombré ink pad and some foiling.


December Daily 2014 – Full Album


Why December Daily in April? Partly because I told myself that even though the album was done by the end of the month, I needed to wait to finish the cover. Partly because I’d already posted the prep part. Partly because I love looking through minibooks over and over because they remind and delight me of so many thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Partly because we’re four and a half months in and I’m curious to see how effectively our new-year’s-resolution mindset and goals have actually carried into the new year. Thank you to Ali Edwards for leading me through this beautiful project. Stories on paper and film have made me appreciate my life so much more.

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Hand Lettering – First Try

In an insomniatic haze last night, I decided to ditch the blog hopping and decided to look up some lettering tutorials. I took an awesome modern calligraphy class last year, but sadly failed to practice with diligence. So at 1am, I stumbled on an awesome tutorial by MadebyMarzipan.

Step by step, made by MadebyMarzipan broke down the process and it was so much fun!

I started with the quote and then played with different shapes. After, I watched this video about lettering accents and started sketching the image, focusing on spacing and kerning.

It was so cool to see this sketch turn into the outline on the grey card…

… And even cooler to see it outlined with a white Sakura! Finally, a good compliment to the outside of the card!

Happy Mother’s Day 

Designing the cut out was simple enough but it’s been so long since I cut out something with such small delicate pieces that it took me forever to make five cards.

After a lot of manual effort, I think they turned out okay, if a little less polished than my other recent cards. I added the embossed paw prints to the yellow card because I was born in the Chinese zodiac year of the dog and my godmother calls me puppy.