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Happy Father’s Day with Hand-lettering and Water-Color


Disney castle foiled and ombré-style

I finally got the Studio Calico Disney-themed Smalls castle stamp and have been playing with it non-stop. The Disney-love is intense in my circle so this set is going to get a ton of use. Two small experiments below with a Hero arts’ ombré ink pad and some foiling.

Hand Lettering – First Try

In an insomniatic haze last night, I decided to ditch the blog hopping and decided to look up some lettering tutorials. I took an awesome modern calligraphy class last year, but sadly failed to practice with diligence. So at 1am, I stumbled on an awesome tutorial by MadebyMarzipan.

Step by step, made by MadebyMarzipan broke down the process and it was so much fun!

I started with the quote and then played with different shapes. After, I watched this video about lettering accents and started sketching the image, focusing on spacing and kerning.

It was so cool to see this sketch turn into the outline on the grey card…

… And even cooler to see it outlined with a white Sakura! Finally, a good compliment to the outside of the card!

A Beautiful Mess Ink Swatches

Here’s a quick photo of some new inks I got in the mail last week from A Beautiful Mess’ online shop. I loved the colors when these first came out but seeing as I have a ton of stamp pads, I couldn’t justify buying any color/formula dupes. The studio calico manufactured dye inks don’t give the crispest coverage but I really like their pigmentation so I searched and waited for a reliable stamp color swatches that hadn’t been significantly photo edited. I didn’t find anything super satisfactory and recently just bit the bullet. I did not get either the black or yellow because I have a ton of ink pass in both colors. I absolutely love the colors I received and there’s especially matte to me about the way the finish when the inks dry. Hope this helps anyone else who’s been interested in the line!

Balloons by Avery Elle

During Black Friday, I got an amazing deal on all of the Avery Elle pigment inks from These are the first two cards I made using the inks. The MISTI stamping tool was critical to ensuring such deep and even coverage – I inked and stamped the balloons multiple times and it worked out great!

I also learned that I will need to heat emboss with a clear powder when using pigment inks in the future. Even after 3 days, I still had smudging. All in all though, gorgeous colors and coverage.