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Ordering the Erin Condren Planner 2015 through

The Erin Condren planner worked very well for me throughout most of 2014  I love how effective the planner is for tasks and activities but have also learned that I need another solution for capturing notes and to-dos that are more involved than bullet points. I signed up for the recent Studio Calico “Agenda” class and just put in an order through for an A5 Filofax today. (BTW – I just have to say that class should have come with a warning label for causing excessive planner obsession and pen purchasing!) It’s probably too tall an order, but I hope that between the EC and Filofax, I’ll optimize scheduling, tasks, and project management in 2015!

My previous EC planner won’t be finished until the end of 2015 but I decided to order it earlier this year so that I could get the Party Pops design. Last year, I ordered ordered the planner through Tiny Prints because their printing and shipping options were much faster. However, their EC planner selections were limited.

The EC website was very straight-forward. I used a friend promotion and got 10 dollars off my order. In addition to a 12 month planner, I also got a 2.50 pen holder. After the discount, my entire order — including US shipping — came out to 50.45. For comparison, last year, I got an 18 month EC planner. After applying a promotion, taxes, and shipping, my entire Tiny Prints order came out to 57.75.

I found the EC customer-service to be quite responsive. I needed to make a correction, which they processed within hours.

In terms of timeliness, based on my limited experience (acknowledging that I did not pay any additional funds to expedite the process), ordering from EC took longer than ordering from Tiny Prints. From EC, I placed my order on Sept 1 and had no additional customization other than the cover. The planner shipped on Sept 18 through Fedex and was eventually developed through USPS. In contrast, I put in the Tiny Prints order on Sept 28 and received a shipping notice on 1 Oct. Tiny Prints did make an error on that initial planner (they left out a month) and it took me about 2 weeks to receive a replacement.

Both orders came with some additional goodies like stickers and labels — the Erin Condren goody package also included some personalized stickers which is a nice touch.

I’ve included some pics below of my EC order. I hope this post will help others decide where to order their planners! Happy planning everyone.