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Canon S100 Macro is STILL awesome

The Sony RX100 camera is very good but its macro function leaves much to be desired. Though I’ve had the camera for months, I still can’t bring myself to sell my Canon S100 because of amazing macro pictures like the one below.

From a six hour layover in Charles de Gaulle Airport

Bought these during a six hour layover in Charles de Gaulle Airport

During our Italy trip, I only brought the RX100 out and though the majority of photos from that camera were stunning, none of our food pictures turned out well. On our next vacation, I will have to bring out a slightly larger bag.

Looking for gluten free when your SIM card isn’t working

Before we left, my husband researched the phone and Internet situation. Many of our plans were predicated on the ability to use the Internet, such as the Google map with dots for our sightseeing destinations and gluten free restaurants I found through trip advisor and chow hound reviews. Unfortunately,  our SIM card didn’t work until the end of the second day. So, after visiting the Colosseum, we walked toward the Borghese Gallery and just looked at menus at restaurants along the way.


After some sad head-shaking from multiple faster-food proprietors, I realized that senza glutine might only be a magic phrase in nice restaurants. Starving and veering toward light-headedness, we ended up at this kebab place next to the Borghese estate entrance called Turkish Kebab. I didn’t get a food fog and my tummy didn’t hurt but it wasn’t very good — let’s just say that they had to microwave my rice and chicken. Oh well… sometimes calories and blood suger are what matter most.


The Borghese Gallery is awesome and the art collection is so cool.  After all the art in my European history classes from high school,  it took visiting the Borghese Gallery to really help me understand and really appreciate the differences between Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bernini. I can also now recognize Baroque paintings and sculptures. The audio tour is totally worth it. Tip – if you bring an audio splitter, you only have to purchase one audio tour ticket at certain places because you can use an audio splitter that enables you to use two headphone sets with the tour device.

We also visited the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.



Along the way to dinner, I saw a vendor serving warm chestnuts. I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of “chestnuts roasting over an open fire” and basically scarfed them down. It was the first time my husband ever ate chestnuts.


We had dinner in the area at this restsurant called Origano. We got a mozzarella and prosciutto dish as an appetizer.


El hubs got penne and white wine. It was okay. Unfortunately,  the only gluten-free non salad meal was the risotto with artichokes. As with most risottos, it took forever to come out and then it was so salty I couldn’t it. Like i-accidentally-dumped-half-a-salt-container-salty. My husband suggested I rinse the rice with water — I respectfully declined. Overall, the food was so-so, the wine was good, and the service was good. Originallly, i hadnt plammed om saying anything about the dish because i was full off the chestnuts but the owner asked me so many times thst i finally mentioned that it was too salty and the owner refunded half of the price of my dish.


To cap off the night, we went back to Grom. We both got medium cups – El Hubs got egg cream,  vanilla,  and something else and I got caramel, chocolate, and pistachio. Because the flavors are so true to the purest form of the flavors in my cup were werent balanced -I had too many bitter, slightly burnt, heavy flavors. The texture, however, is awesome AND it doesn’t give me tummy pain – I’m prettty sure it’s going to be a nightly treat.


Lemons and Woodgrain Card

To make this card, I used some of the paper my friend and I letterpressed a few weeks ago and combined it with some lovely Studio Calico Lemon Lush cardstock. This woodgrain paper is so neat!

On a photography related note, I used Snapseed to edit the first two photos on my Samsung tablet. The colors render so differently on different machines. The image looks blown out on my Mac’s screen but it looks just perfect on my Samsung. Hrm… what to do…




These two below were edited using Picasa. I’m not sure which set I like better now.IMG_0081


Sony RX100 versus Canon S100 – Colorful Woven Card


Daylight – RX100 with POP filter.

Over the holiday, we got the Sony RX100.

I generally take pictures of my dog, crafts, and food and I don’t think I’m ready to lug around a DSLR. We plan on traveling more though and I really want to bring more depth and more detail to our photos. My husband was sold because MKBHD calls the RX100 MarkII the best point and shoot ever and the Mark I is not very different from the MarkII.

We’ve had the camera for three weeks now and I’m still now sure how I feel about it. Canon’s colors are definitely more vivid and saturated in the auto mode and I really like how it automatically handles white balance, especially in lower-light situations. The macro is also very pleasing and allows me to get really close to subjects. The Sony has an amazing depth of field and seems to capture colors that are more close to life. I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch and a lot of issues could be related to the fact that I have a lot to learn about good composition. As we play with it more though because I’m slowly realizing that while they’re both great cameras, they both excel in different areas that are all important to me.

For crafts, RX100 renders very muted photos in the intelligent mode without any adjustments. I’ve taken photos in RAW, using SCN, and manually. So far, I like the intelligent mode on the POP filter with brightness adjusted a little bit. (I think I like artificial cartoonish colors!)



Sony RX-100 – Intelligent mode, Brightness adjusted 2 clicks, Focus adjusted 5 clicks, POP filter


Sony RX-100 – Intelligent mode, Brightness adjusted 2 clicks, Focus adjusted 5 clicks, POP filter


Canon S100 – Auto



SONY RX100 – Intelligent Mode, no adjustments


Sony RX100 – Intelligent mode using POP filter, increased exposure, and background focus to increase f-stop



Sony RX100 – Intelligent mode using POP filter


CANON S-100 – Auto

My favorite photo is at the beginning of the post but after taking so many comparison shots, I’m not really sure anymore. What do you think? Hopefully some folks who have more know about photography can help us learn how to use both cameras to better effect.

Preview: LG Pocket Photo for Project Life and Minibooks

Christmas came early — thank you family — and my LG Pocket Photo has arrived.* After one week, the picture quality beats the socks off of my Polaroid POGO. No more ridiculous streaking and I like that the photo paper is thicker – actually feels like a real picture. The wireless printing capability is awesome too.

Do I need one of these gadgets? Of course not. Cost per print seems steep (some could say stupid) too. However, as someone who loves making mini travel albums and loves the idea of her friends printing out pics to contribute to the album, the compatibility and portability of this printer is awesome.

While I was researching the Pocket Photo, I couldn’t find any comparisons between the POGO and LG printer. For my review, I’m thinking some side by side comparisons — especially of the print outs — would be useful.

Below are some pictures of the device right out of the box.

* For anyone else who is interested, I got a great deal on a bundle from Adorama before Black Friday and also received an additional 5% cashback using ShopDiscover.

Canon S100 – Day One

Called Best Buy in Arlington, VA this morning and asked rep to put the S100 on hold for me. Despite 15 minutes of shuffling from the Best Buy customer service folks, husband Josh picked up the S100 this evening after work and successfully used a 10% coupon. Thank you forums!

Here are some initial shots. I selected this camera initially because I’d heard the S95 was good for taking food pics – I figured this one would be better. I can’t wait to test it this weekend! 🙂

nOtEs on pHotoS

obligatory makeup shot

Eloise MADE that owl – she’s amazing!

love my new Built case – will have to see how well it works in the real world… closer up  shot used macro settings – other did not