December Daily 2014 – Full Album


Why December Daily in April? Partly because I told myself that even though the album was done by the end of the month, I needed to wait to finish the cover. Partly because I’d already posted the prep part. Partly because I love looking through minibooks over and over because they remind and delight me of so many thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Partly because we’re four and a half months in and I’m curious to see how effectively our new-year’s-resolution mindset and goals have actually carried into the new year. Thank you to Ali Edwards for leading me through this beautiful project. Stories on paper and film have made me appreciate my life so much more.

IMG_20150412_103545_1 IMG_20150412_103606_1 IMG_20150412_103714_1 IMG_20150412_103732_1 IMG_20150412_103802_1 IMG_20150412_103828_1 IMG_20150412_103902_1 IMG_20150412_103915_1 IMG_20150412_103926_1 IMG_20150412_103955_1 IMG_20150412_104022_1 IMG_20150412_104042_1  IMG_20150412_104130_1 IMG_20150412_104151_1 IMG_20150412_104200 IMG_20150412_104209 IMG_20150412_104227 IMG_20150412_104236 IMG_20150412_104301 IMG_20150412_104322 IMG_20150412_104333 IMG_20150412_104356 IMG_20150412_104414 IMG_20150412_104432_1 IMG_20150412_104451 IMG_20150412_104509 IMG_20150412_104529 IMG_20150412_104556 IMG_20150412_104611 IMG_20150412_104646_1 IMG_20150412_104704_1 IMG_20150412_104716_1 IMG_20150412_104726_1


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