A Gustatory Tour Through Miami and Harry Potter Land

Feeling under the weather today and decided to plan out the mini album for our Turkey trip later this year. Paging through my previous minibooks, I realized that i LOVE making books during the trip and with the right planning, die cuts, washi, and gadgets, it can be a lot of fun making a book on the go. Check out this book below from a few years back.

— WARNING — THIS POST IS PIC AND FOOD HEAVY AND MAY CONTAIN A SPEEDO  —11000914_10100460550634642_5167784014339793600_o






1402434_10100460550864182_5532533894302998637_o (1)

11100781_10100460550849212_7811167875397173808_o 11053329_10100460550854202_4838856383723383159_o 11083961_10100460550954002_923841561575326443_o11110795_10100460550958992_8140050679302967131_o 11079564_10100460553618662_194574119502734608_o 11084133_10100460553623652_4661396136445326735_o 11080739_10100460553613672_5891069410335149106_o 10993127_10100460553628642_8757460923289717376_o

11083949_10100460553823252_6713323842486940862_o 11082394_10100460553813272_5475709510761492969_o 10854492_10100460553808282_1667181150187018810_o 11049490_10100460553818262_8764710386825328570_o

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