Studio Calico Hercules – The Fever Cards

I originally purchased the Hercules set because I thought I would love the Fancy stamp. I still haven’t played with the stamp but I  have fallen completely in love with the whole kit. I had a very bad reaction to some medicine last weekend and couldn’t sleep at all one night and ended up making a bunch of cards using cut flowers from the kit and some of the gorgeous gilded project life cards in the new Heidi Swapp set. I even love the transparent doilies! This might be the very first Studio Calico Set I ever kill!



I also absolutely adore the transparent doilies and little turquoise dots included in the kit. I have other turquoise colored dots but something about these bring out the colors in the flowers so beautifully. I don’t know how to describe it but they’re not as shiny, but in a good way. I used the same PL 3×4 for the next two cards – I just love the sentiment and that little gold heart at the bottom.




I love the flower so much that I tried to create my own using my Neocolors, which I also adore. I made the flower and leaves below on some scrap paper.

IMG_0022 copy

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