Pinterest for the Win!

I’ve never been very good at curating things using Pinterest. I wish I had more beautiful and organized boards but that’s not how my brain works. I love using Pinterest, however, to find inspiration. Below are some recent projects inspired by Pinterest — the titles are the search terms I used to find the projects. Some are straight

“Vanity table”

The Pinterest Version

My Version – an almost exact dupe. Why mess with awesomeness?! ::yes I know the bedroom is VERY white. and no, I don’t like those two color swatches…::


“Ikea craft wall shelf”

The Pinterest Version

My Version

It’s not an exact replica but I loved the idea of having hanging bins and buckets. It’s an easy way to store and use the labels and other frequently used supplies that I like having handy.


“Ikea bench hack” 

The Pinterest Version

My version with the messy bed sheet!


These projects took a lot more effort than my paper crafting but they were so worth it!

“Wedding Card”

The Pinterest Version

The version my friend made during a recent visit to town. She did an awesome job!



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