Looking for gluten free when your SIM card isn’t working

Before we left, my husband researched the phone and Internet situation. Many of our plans were predicated on the ability to use the Internet, such as the Google map with dots for our sightseeing destinations and gluten free restaurants I found through trip advisor and chow hound reviews. Unfortunately,  our SIM card didn’t work until the end of the second day. So, after visiting the Colosseum, we walked toward the Borghese Gallery and just looked at menus at restaurants along the way.


After some sad head-shaking from multiple faster-food proprietors, I realized that senza glutine might only be a magic phrase in nice restaurants. Starving and veering toward light-headedness, we ended up at this kebab place next to the Borghese estate entrance called Turkish Kebab. I didn’t get a food fog and my tummy didn’t hurt but it wasn’t very good — let’s just say that they had to microwave my rice and chicken. Oh well… sometimes calories and blood suger are what matter most.


The Borghese Gallery is awesome and the art collection is so cool.  After all the art in my European history classes from high school,  it took visiting the Borghese Gallery to really help me understand and really appreciate the differences between Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bernini. I can also now recognize Baroque paintings and sculptures. The audio tour is totally worth it. Tip – if you bring an audio splitter, you only have to purchase one audio tour ticket at certain places because you can use an audio splitter that enables you to use two headphone sets with the tour device.

We also visited the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.



Along the way to dinner, I saw a vendor serving warm chestnuts. I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of “chestnuts roasting over an open fire” and basically scarfed them down. It was the first time my husband ever ate chestnuts.


We had dinner in the area at this restsurant called Origano. We got a mozzarella and prosciutto dish as an appetizer.


El hubs got penne and white wine. It was okay. Unfortunately,  the only gluten-free non salad meal was the risotto with artichokes. As with most risottos, it took forever to come out and then it was so salty I couldn’t it. Like i-accidentally-dumped-half-a-salt-container-salty. My husband suggested I rinse the rice with water — I respectfully declined. Overall, the food was so-so, the wine was good, and the service was good. Originallly, i hadnt plammed om saying anything about the dish because i was full off the chestnuts but the owner asked me so many times thst i finally mentioned that it was too salty and the owner refunded half of the price of my dish.


To cap off the night, we went back to Grom. We both got medium cups – El Hubs got egg cream,  vanilla,  and something else and I got caramel, chocolate, and pistachio. Because the flavors are so true to the purest form of the flavors in my cup were werent balanced -I had too many bitter, slightly burnt, heavy flavors. The texture, however, is awesome AND it doesn’t give me tummy pain – I’m prettty sure it’s going to be a nightly treat.


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