First leg – No sleep until Rome!

The fist of our two-leg flight will be landing shortly. Per usual, I was unable to sleep; instead, I read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout, watched 500 Days of Summer, and played about an hour’s worth of Frozen Bubble. About three-quarters of the way to Amsterdam, I finally asked for some sheets and pillows. Holy smokes I never realized how cold it can be on an airplane – my thighs were freezing!

We are flying KLM for this leg. We had some small hiccups in the beginning includling a late departure. Dear husband got an unexpected upgrade to his seat that resulted in more leg room but also meant that we were separated by 30 rows. The service on this airline is pretty good though and I was extremely surprised by my gluten free dinner. The breakfast is nothing to write home about (a plain rice cake, apple sauce, and OJ), but the dinner was the best I’ve ever had on a flight. My econony dinner was leagues better than any of those times I was lucky enough to fly business class! They served a butter sauce over chicken breast, wild rice and broccoli. It also came with a GF dinner roll, a melon plate, and a salad with no dressing. I couldnt get a good photo of the meal because the lights were too dim for my tablet camera,  but I saved the dinner roll for breakfast so I could at least one proper picture. After scarfing it down this “morning” — it’s 1246 am EST — I can happily attest that the GF food was delish and my tummy is happy!


PS Wonder what Domo is doing at the doggie place. Dear husband said he’s probably jumping in the kiddie pool and doing back flips.  We spent the day wondering if Domo’s full name should be Domo Bucko Nation Station Welsh.

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