Preview: LG Pocket Photo for Project Life and Minibooks

Christmas came early — thank you family — and my LG Pocket Photo has arrived.* After one week, the picture quality beats the socks off of my Polaroid POGO. No more ridiculous streaking and I like that the photo paper is thicker – actually feels like a real picture. The wireless printing capability is awesome too.

Do I need one of these gadgets? Of course not. Cost per print seems steep (some could say stupid) too. However, as someone who loves making mini travel albums and loves the idea of her friends printing out pics to contribute to the album, the compatibility and portability of this printer is awesome.

While I was researching the Pocket Photo, I couldn’t find any comparisons between the POGO and LG printer. For my review, I’m thinking some side by side comparisons — especially of the print outs — would be useful.

Below are some pictures of the device right out of the box.

* For anyone else who is interested, I got a great deal on a bundle from Adorama before Black Friday and also received an additional 5% cashback using ShopDiscover.

2 thoughts on “Preview: LG Pocket Photo for Project Life and Minibooks

  1. Interested

    Did you ever do a full comparison between the LG pocket printer and the Polaroid Pogo? I will love to know if there is any significant improvement!

    1. periwinky Post author

      Hi. I haven’t finished my comparison yet but I can say that the print quality on the LG is much more consistent and clearer. For some though, the quality improvements won’t be worth the 100 dollar premium.


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