Ordering Erin Condren’s Life Planner from Tiny Prints

UPDATE: After one week with no change in the print status, I called Customer Service and after a lot of back and forth, they finally figured out what was going on. The replacement I received had slightly different fonts (the title was bigger and they used a serif font the second time around – I prefer the original sans serif) but it had all the right months. For some reason, the lamination, character spacing, and alignment in the reprint seems slightly lower quality. I don’t know what happened the second time around but at least customer service eventually fixed the problem.

Called the Weekly Life Planner at Tiny PrintsCalled the Weekly Life Planner at Tiny Prints

There are many reviews out there about the wondrousness of Erin Condren‘s (EC) planners. I owe those generous bloggers and vloggers many thanks for enabling my purchase. 🙂 This post is about my experience ordering the planner from Tiny Prints. Most reviews noted that orders through erincondren.com took a few weeks and I didn’t want to wait that long. (FYI – The planner is called a Weekly Life Planner on the Tiny Prints website and a Classic Life Planner on erincondren.com.)

I’ve never completed an order from erincondren.com so I can’t compare the two retailers. But I spent a lot of time on the two websites and noticed some things that might be helpful to others considering to buy this planner from either online store.

Tiny Print’s ETA was 14 days compared to Erin Condren’s ETA of 20 days (they told me most items would SHIP 14 days from date of sale).

Tiny Prints beat their own estimation by 8 days. From the Tiny Prints offices in CA to the DC metro area, the total turn around time for my order was about six days. I ordered the planner on Saturday evening, got a shipment notice on Monday, and received my order Friday evening. Pretty awesome.

* There are a wider range of covers and customization options available on erincondren.com. I’ll probably order the Party Pops cover next year when I have more lead time and don’t need a planner ASAP.
* The labels that came with my Tiny Prints EC planner are not personalized with my name – I’m not sure if this was an add-on or not – many reviews showed customized labels and for some reason I thought that EC.com provides these as part of the order but I could be wrong.
*Tiny Prints didn’t offer an option to purchase the two extras I would have purchased had I used EC’s website – the snap-in bookmark or pen holder. However, the bookmark came with my Tiny Prints order free.

The EC planners are about 5 dollars cheaper on EC.com. But it was a wash at the end. On EC.com, shipping was 7.95 and there was no tax. On TinyPrints.com, I got free shipping and paid 2.95 in tax. As I mentioned, Tiny Prints threw in the bookmark for free – it’s 1.50 on EC.com.

I can’t compare CS between the two. After chatting with Tiny Print’s live chat, I think Tiny Prints might just take orders and send them onto Erin Condren but I don’t know for sure. If they are operated separately, I think (fingers-crossed) that Tiny Prints is not too bad. My planner arrived today. Though I was initially ecstatic, as I started to fill in my calendars, I noticed that December and January were missing. One quick phone call and the CS rep put in an order to reprint my planner. They couldn’t expedite my shipping and the CSR said the ETA is 14 Oct. Hopefully the order will be processed as smoothly and quickly as last time.

Hope this helps. I’ll leave you with some pics of the planner. At the very least, I have some time to perfect how I plan to use it. Ha!

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