My Favorite Gold Stamp Pad – Delicata Gold

After the first Christmas mock cards, my gold emboss powder clearly wasn’t going to cut it and I started looking for an alternative. (If anyone has recommendations for an emboss powder that looks like 24k gold, please let me know!)

I’ve seen many people rave about the Delicata gold ink stamp pad. These projects are usually very beautiful, but the gold ink never stands out in pictures. I’ve also never seen Delicata in a store so when I saw it visiting Hobby Lobby for the first time — the one I visited was so enormous and had a fantastic selection! — I decided to try it out.


It is amazing and looks like gilded gold on stamps.

IMG_4666I was impressed by how detailed the stamps came out. The ink is phenomenal on cardstock in real life, but after taking a ton of shots this afternoon and early evening I now understand why the amazing quality of the gold does not always convey in pictures. I’m not a very good photographer but I think it’s because the ink has a slight holographic quality. See the little glints of pink and green on the leaves?

IMG_4667My mom is visiting from out of town and she’s so enjoyed learning to stamp using this pad. It looks so pretty on dark colors!IMG_4675 She liked the pad so much, she made all her Christmas cards this week!


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