Owls and Patterned Paper

My friend really loves owls and every time I see something owl-y, I think of her.

A while back, I saw a cute owl Hero Arts stamp and was going to send an ink pad and the stamp straight to her. But then I realized she might want some ideas about how to use the stamp. She’s super artistic and has a great eye, so I figured I would just get her started because she’s not a big paper crafter.

I designed this card last week using my scanner and Silhouette machine to cut out an outline for the stamp. I love this method because I can create a cut file for every stamp in my collection. Cut pieces are really handy when you’re learning how to stamp more precisely. For example, when I got the Fresh Cut Florals stamp set by WPlus9, I created an entire 8.5×11 sheet full of each little leaf and flower. It took me awhile to figure out which color combos worked and how to put everything together. The cut out pieces made it a lot easier to experiment.


An added bonus to using cut files, is the ability to “mass” produce cards with stamped images. Scanning in images and using the silhouette software to create cut files for my images makes it much easier to create duplicates of the same design. I usually design one-offs but this time I was inspired to create a set of cards.

IMG_4609I’m not the biggest fan of orange and black but somehow this color combo really works for me. I love the embossed look!


The “Hello There” stamp is from Mama Elephant.  I love stars and asterisks – of all my supplies, they always run out first. So I created a whole bunch the other day using my Silhouette. The Silhouette’s cut detail never ceases to amaze me.

Silhouette Stars and Asterisks

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