Christmas Cards in August

I LOVE Christmas crafts but I hate mass producing things. This year, I’ve enrolled my friend in the process and hopefully I’ll be able to make and send out every card this year.

My friend really liked these Stampin Up stamps called “Christmas Lodge” and Snow Swirled.” These stamps are discontinued but luckily I was able to buy them off ebay. I stamped all of them in black StazOn ink on a sheet of white paper. For anyone who has these stamps and a Silhouette, you can use the image below to create digital die cuts. I really dislike fussy cutting so I used this technique, which you can look-up on YouTube, to cut out the vellum below.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 7.16.17 PM

I will probably make a lot of cards in different designs but my friend will probably want to make many of the same card in one design. I’ve been putting together some prototypes to get our creative juices flowing. We’ll meet next week to decide on her design. The stamps are really traditional and it’s going to be an interesting design challenge for me because I tend to like bold, graphic, and very simple looks. Here is the first mock-up. I think it’s a little too heavy, especially the stamped image.

IMG_4543For my cards, I want something light and cute. I’ve been dying to use this snow dot embossed folder all year and it wouldn’t surprise me if every single card ended up having falling snow in the background. Even though I’ve lived in snowy places for half my life now, it still feels like I’m on holiday when it snows. 🙂

Below is the prototype for my card. I really like it but I wonder if I’ll really have the energy to mass produce this card. It’s actually not too bad other than coloring the moose.


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