Retirement, Birthday, and Hello Cards

Some weekends I feel like I haven’t created anything all week. Luckily I take lots of craft photos for my blog – this week, I might otherwise have forgotten that I did craft amidst obsessing over the amazing Mint Plus floor mopping robot and The Millionaire Next Door.

The first card I’d like to share is for my co-worker. Her last day before retirement is Friday. I really wanted to use my gold dot vellum paper and designed the card around that bottom strip. The retirement letters took way too long to design and assemble – I don’t know what I was thinking. The envelope I made using the Memory Keepers envelope punch board is awesome though – I never realized how much a homemade envelope can make a card look even more special and fancy!



I rounded the pointy tip after seeing this picture. It looks much fancier!


Second up is a birthday card. I made the base of the card months ago in a class on background stamps. I’m not usually a huge fan of this color combination and the embellishment from the class was just way over the top. Luckily, inspiration struck this weekend while organizing my stamps and I decided to just keep it simple. I really like how it turned out. It’ll be perfect for one of my friends whose birthday is this week. 🙂


Card number three really took a long time to come together. I originally put the patterned paper on this white base last September. It was never quite right – the pattern and original sentiment were clean and bold. I went through a distress everything phase because I ended up distressing an otherwise very clean card. Throwing out a perfectly fine card goes against my crafty ethos but things just didn’t look right. While organizing my scraps today, this green scrap happened to fall on the card. Much better!


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