Hero Arts Garden Party Shadow Ink Cubes – Mint Julep and Fresh Peach

They’re here! They’re here!

I’m so excited that the Mint Julep and Fresh Peach Hero Arts shadow ink cubes finally came in! They came in a set with two other colors I already have. I really like having duplicate colors especially because I often fall in love with them and want to share with my sister. Here’s a pic of the pack. At a recent crop, I found the simple plastic holder convenient for bringing over other colors.


This is what they look like stamped with my Evalicious “love” stamp. I stamped the Fresh Peach first and it took me many stamps before I could get a pure representation of the Mint Julep. Looking at this picture, there might be little traces left along the outline of “love.”


I love all my shadow inks but I think Mint Julep and Fresh Peach just became my absolute favorites! Here’s a zoomed out picture – Fresh Peach is very similar toSoft Cantalope and Pale Tomato but they’re all slightly different hues. As always, these inks create beautiful images.




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