Using Silhouette with an iPad


While designing my sister’s bridal shower invitations, I couldn’t find any letter stickers that matched the level of personalization on the rest of the card.  Below is a short tutorial on how to create personalized fonts and images that can be cut using a Silhouette machine.


1. Using a drawing or note app with a “free style function,” write or draw something. For the invitation, I wrote “jen” multiple times and played around with the thickness of the pencil function to get everything just right.

photo 2

2. Take a screen shot of the image. To do so on an iPad, first press the iPAD’s “on” button — which you can find at the top of the device — and then the home button until you hear a camera sound and a still image appear.

3. The screen shot turns into an image file that’s saved in Photos that can be emailed to your computer and opened in Silhouette Studio.

4. Use the trace function to trace the image.

5. Replicate as necessary. I added 20 outlines of jen onto my page so that I’d have one “jen” die cut for every invitation.

Here’s the finished card. I also used the silhouette to cut the few patterned pieces that fit behind the yellow splotched arrow cut out. Mad props to my friend Carey for helping me assemble all 20 of these cards. There were so many little pieces. She has patience AND pays attention to detail like nobody’s business!


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