For Yoko

I’m sad I couldn’t make it to my friend’s wedding in Japan – especially since it turned out to be a mini-reunion! I was a little perplexed trying to get them a personal and thoughtful gift not being at the wedding and having never met the groom.

Once I saw the pictures though, I was inspired to create some pages to jump start an album for them. The photos – especially the ones from my friend’s camera – were so lovely I knew this would be a perfect gift from me to them. So floaty and pretty.

From the memory-keeping side, I have noticed a few things.

The In-My-Head Process

  • After focusing on cards for so many years, the story-telling aspect of scrapbooking really trips me up. When I’m at an event, it is challenging for me to distill the essence of a story into one or a few photos. Making these pages was a breeze compared to how I’ve been agonizing over every aspect of my sister’s album. Not being at my friend’s wedding helped me to tell a much more cohesive visual story because I had no actual story to align it to! Don’t know if it’s a good thing, but I’m going to try harder with my sister’s book to focus on a theme  (maybe good times, then and now, quirky things I love about her, funny memory) rather than capturing every moment of the event.
  • I’ve spent the last few months obsessively learning every technique including watercoloring, drawing patters, stamping (when to stamp and how, particular on solid images), copics, stickles, embossing, ribbon, misting, splotching (I don’t know if that’s a word but it feels suitable for describing dotting the page with inky dots, and washi tape (there are DEFINITELY techniques associated with using washi – see here)*. These pages represent the first time all that learning came together naturally for me – I wasn’t making a page because of the technique (except for maybe the “A Toast” page) – but other than that, it all felt like I’d mastered enough of the techniques to focus on the story or thought I wanted to visually communicate rather than worrying about the technique.

Products/lines that helped ease me into scrapbooking:

  • Studio Calico products and the member gallery have been awesome in helping me incorporate the embellishments that really add the most oomph to a page. I spent the first two months of my subscription very overwhelmed looking at everyone’s pictures. I want to develop my own aesthetic and I’m more confident now doing my own thing. The members of this community are amazingly gifted.
  • Misting and splotching with Mister Huey’s add something very subtle and special to each page. I found this video on youtube by CardofMyEye that demonstrates the basic techniques really well.
  • Hero Arts Shadow inks are so beautiful – they create a floaty image on washed out color schemes and fill in solid stamps so beautifully. From the reviews I’ve seen on Youtube, I’m super excited to add StampinUp’s new ink pads to the mix for my more crisp and graphic pieces.
  • Paper by Basic Grey. So versatile and atmospheric – ’nuff said!

* Scarletbird’s posts and my friend who got me a million amazing washi for Xmas are responsible for my etsy washi tape shopping spree. I’m afraid this spree will double my collection in about a week. I was stocking up for the year. Yep, that’s my story.

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