Home Made Embellishments – Silhouette Cameo, Chomas Pen Holder, and Sakura Pens

These cards are from about a month ago, when I made the huge discovery (for me) that making every embellishment by hand is a very effective impediment to finishing a whole scrapbook page. That aside, I LOVE using the Silhouette and Sakura pens to create embossed tags.

Making these tags is pretty easy – it just takes patience. I design everything first in Silhouette Studio. After that, I make my cut-line selections, align the Glaze pen in the Amy Chomas pen holder, and position everything properly in the Silhouette. After “cutting” the written layer, I let it dry before I cut out the subsequent layers. For me, the primary downside of making tags like this is the fact that I rarely make more than two of anything (this was an exception because I was so excited at how cool the raised part turned out!) so I’m not mass producing these. But as I recently learned first-hand handmaking my sister’s bridal shower invites, the Silhouette is AMAZING when you want to create something multiple times that is very intricate and has many component parts.


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