Washi Tape from Target

Recently, many card posts in my RSS reader have featured washi tape. I couldn’t find washi tape sets at Michaels or Joann’s and forgot it for a little while until I saw a post from the “Under A Cherry Tree” blog and saw that there’s washi tape at Target!

I picked up the turquoise set – it’s a LOT of tape for a lot less than I was expected after comparison shopping online. Apparently washi tape can be pretty pricey. I also bought another set from amazon.com – searching for both washi and  printed tape. I think washi tape might be an item I’m more comfortable buying in person. The “paper tape” I got from Martha Stewart crafts that has a completely different texture and look from the Target tape – it’s opaque and shiny and doesn’t really work for me. Hopefully I can figure out how to use it on a kid’s card.

The rolls are all the same size  but I cut some into different strip sizes to create the following simple card. The sparkly dots are made out Stickles.

On a side note, I’m still learning how to stamp properly. I’ve been using the “congratulations” stamp almost by default without really thinking about what exactly I would use the card for. When I recently sent my mom a bunch of home made cards, she asked me if many of my friends were graduating or having babies. And I was like, “No… I’m using them for birthdays.” I guess congratulations does make more sense for milestones but in my defense, in my head, birthdays ARE milestones. As in, “Congratulations, you’re more mature and still alive!” Either way, I obviously need  a happy birthday stamp!

The card below was inspired by the Under A Cherry Tree post I mentioned at the beginning and I used washi tape, the Amy Chomas pen holder, Sakura pens, and Silhouette.

I like the look of the cards I’ve made but I don’t know how I feel about washi tape. On the one hand, I love collecting colorful patterned sets of anything so I can see myself collecting MANY MANY sets. On the other hand, the tape doesn’t seem multipurpose enough for the way I craft – I usually start by laying out all sorts of patterns/textures and making a card around whichever combinations strike my fancy that day. I saw some pretty slightly translucent washi tape at a local scrapbook store today, like this one. Sooo pretty… ack!


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