New Printer, Scanner, All-in-One for Everything

That’s why it’s called an All-in-One – it does everything. But I bought the Epson WorkForce 645 for three reasons:

  • Enable me to print-and-cut using my Silhouette
  • Scan and organize all my documents that became disorganized while I was working full-time and going to grad school.
  • Inspire me to scrapbook more – I’m just too darn lazy to go back and forth to Costco all the time and if I have to pick out a bunch of photos for projects I’m not completing that day, I won’t even get started. (This may explain why I have only ever completed THREE full-size scrapbook pages ever)

First day impressions:

* print-and-cut is AMAZING. I used a random firetruck I found using google and some Disney Princess images from Under a Cherry Tree. (After three years, I’m also in love with Tim Holtz distress pads so everything I make for a while is going to be overkill with the distress ink)

  • Scanning
    • Scan and wirelessly sending the doc to the computer is not available for MACs.
    • I still haven’t gotten a hang of the two-sided scanning (it doesn’t do this automatically but the scanning software will auto-organize if you scan the fronts and backs in the right order – which I have yet to do) but scanning was a breeze. Five hundred pages of x,y, and z, here i come!
    • Quality is pretty good for B&W documents – haven’t tried anything else yet
  • Printing photos for scrapbooking
    • Printer doesn’t seem to have printer adjustment settings like I’ve had in the past on my PCs (my primary is now a MAC), so the first photos, completely unedited, were not vibrant.
    • But I was able to bypass this by adjusting photo settings in iPhoto. I noticed a huge improvement in vibrancy when I used both “Boost” and Enhance.” My husband and I spent quite a while just staring at the quality – the photo printing blew away all my expectations for an all-in-one!
    • Here is the edited pic – I’m not posting a picture of the first photo I printed – my lovely Canon S100 renders the colors more vibrant than they appear in real-life. The picture below of the edited photo is a little too saturated (and was hit by some rising sun in the bottom left corner)¬† but it real-life the color is wonderfully vibrant with a great finish. I compared it to another pic I had printed at Costco and it’s just as good if not better. I wonder how well the ink will fare over time. (I used 8-year old glossy ink-jet printer paper I inherited from my dad, which is from Costco).

Other thoughts:

  • With my SSID and password in hand, wireless setup literally took me 30 seconds. 30 seconds!!?!
  • I’m a caveman when it comes to printer technology (I haven’t personally researched and purchased one since probably 2006), so the idea that I could just stick a memory chip into the machine and see a picture of it on the little screen is AMAZING. There’s a screen that shows pictures!?!?!

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