“Subtract” tool adds to the creativity!

In 2009, I bought the personal-sized Cricut machine. Initially, I was very excited and bought the Sure Cuts A Lot software for card-making, but the limitations of the machine’s size made it very difficult to customize designs. Other than using it to make flowers for bridal shower invitations and decorations, I didn’t use it for much and soon it was hidden behind a stack of books. (Seriously – I didn’t use it for so long that I forgot it was sitting behind a stack of books from the grad program I finished almost a YEAR ago!)

Cut to today… I’ve had my Silhouette for a few weeks now and I’ve designed so many different cards – 5 this week alone. This may not be a lot for others but I work A LOT and I have never spent this much time on crafting. I love everything about the tool ESPECIALLY the software. The time it takes from idea-to-card is just amazing and the best part – it looks exactly the same way I imagined in my mind. I love how much creative control I have. I’m tempted to download and learn how to learn inkscape now – so many things are possible. The favorite functions I learned this week are “subtract,” “make compound path,” and “release compound path.” They helped me weld letters and shapes in such cute ways! Here are some of the things I made this weekend!

My neighbor just had a baby boy – this will be perfect!

This is for my sister and her fiancé – they got engaged at Disneyland 🙂

When I showed this to hubby, he commented that it looked so “old.” I used Jim Holz’s distresser tool and based on his comment, I used it successfully!

I created this card with my friend Kathleen for her boyfriend. I think she liked it… she said something about designing her wedding invitations 🙂

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