L’Amada Inn, Part 2: What’s included when you’re not all inclusive

Sunday Weather – warmer than dc with wind gusts up to 18 miles an hour

It’s day three of our vacation. Despite the relaxing movie marathon brought on by yesterday’s non-stop wind and rain, it was wonderful to finally see the sun peaking through the clouds this morning. It’s still windy but the orientation of the buildings creates a wonderful little cocoon of calm where I’m writing right now.

I can completely understand why La Amada is considered one of the most relaxing resorts in Cancun – the layout of the buildings, the decor, and the food are all executed with such care.

As the staff settles into it’s groove, I can see myself coming back many times over. But for now, there are a few things that I wish we knew before we made our trip.

For example, we have found that the ongoing transition into an all inclusive resort has led to a service tiering system that has been very confusing. For example, we are in a junior casita suite – Bonita 1 – but complimentary breakfast was the only service we knowingly paid for. When we were escorted to our rooms, the gentleman guiding us said that he couldn’t find the price sheet for the mini-bar but that we would incur costs for anything we consumed. After paying 10 usd for Axe deodorant at the convenience store, we figured that the markups on anything would be large. Though we availed ourselves to some of the mini bottles in the mini bar (which included five airport sized bottles of hard liquor like vodka, johnny walker, tequila rum, four beers, evian, and over 10 sodas and juices) we figured we were just going to pay a premium for the convenience.

The next day however, someone came to refill the mini bar saying that we had a complimentary refill because of our “special package.” After asking for clarification, we had five separate confirmations/disaffirmations, which left us fairly confused. This wasn’t a big deal but at a resort that specializes in relaxation, it was confusing not knowing and having multiple staff members contradict each other. Something similar happened again when we were charged 90 pesos at one meal for the free bottled water even though the four preceding and one subsequent meal had no additional charge for the house water.

Ultimately, none of this was a big deal and the front desk reversed the charges for the water, but it is certainly something to keep in mind if you’re traveling here in the next few months. (The front desk seemed to provide the most authoritative voice on the inclusive service tiers for each room’s specific reservation.) I don’t paying for the services we use, but it would have been nice to know some of these things up front. FYI – The staff has mentioned to us that people who booked before Nov 2010 and after receive different benefits (we booked after).

All that being said, this place is beautiful and has a lot of potential. We throughly enjoyed our 80 min hot stone massage – Josh said Griselda was fantastic – and the Aqua Vida water treatment deserves it’s own post. Even when the weather was crazy yesterday, the mojitos were awesome and the movie channels showed all my favorite mindless classics – The New Karate Kid or Independence Day anyone? There are also three beautiful pools, gorgeous cabanas and beach chairs, towels, and generous kid’s play area with a shallow pool, multiple mini gyms to climb on, and ping pong tables (there seem to be many families with little ones here).

The beach area

Play area

Location:La Amada Cancun, Mexico

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