L’Amada Inn, Part 1: Just like the pictures

We survived an adventure yesterday getting to Mexico. Our flight from Reagan National was delayed and originally we were told we might end up having to layover in Atlanta for 5 hours. But this awesome Delta lady saved the day by getting us to Dulles and giving us meal vouchers. We made it in the nick of time for our original flight from Atlanta to Cancun.

We used Best Day for our shuttle and it was super smooth. After passing through customs, every group is passed to a local who welcomes you to Mexico, goes over the city’s layout, and gives you some good tips for shopping and bargaining. A number of folks mentioned that Josh and I looked too young to be married and asked how old we are. I think they were kind of confused to find out we were much older than they originally thought. About an hour after we checked, someone from Best Day followed up with us to confirm pick up upon our departure and give us some ideas about day tours. Their airport – hotel shuttle service was only 35 USD for two people.

The hotel itself is hidden – you have to enter two gated areas to get to the property itself so there’s not going to be a lot of walking around outside this compound. But it’s beautiful. The main reception area was decorated with float fabrics and adorned with low modern furniture that wouldn’t be out of place in a classy futuristic remake of I love Jeanie. Although the main lobby area is beautiful, there weren’t many guests lounging around. For those with a sensitive nose like me, the fragrance in the room was also kind of overwhelming.

Our package includes a junior casita with plunge pool and breakfast buffet. The room is gorgeous.Everything is very pretty and luxurious – it is a completely open concept inside the room with a jacuzzi right across from the king sized bed. There are double sinks and the shower room is wonderful – the shower has side jets, a detachable spout, and a rain faucet in the ceiling. The only drawback is that the toilet is like a stall with only a frosted glass stall door for privacy – in other words, this may not be the best room for folks who aren’t very intimate with each other.

The last image is the view from our seats at our first meal. I got salmon and josh got the combined seafood platter. The prices were very reasonable – appetizers were mostly 15-20 USD while appetizers were between 10-15.

Location:La Amada Hotel, Cancun Mexico


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