J.Crew 00 Lady Day Coat

JCrew’s petite and 00 sizes are so inconsistent item to item but I happened upon an amazing deal the other day – an additional 25% on top of the 30% off outerwear sale! – and decided to try the Lady Day Coat in 00.

I feel compelled to write about this coat because it fits perfectly and not just in the arms. I am ~105 and 5’3″ and it’s very hard to get something that fits my upper torso AND isn’t too big on the bottom off the rack. Usually, I just try to steer clear of A-lines altogether. But J.Crew’s Lady Day coat fits like a glove.

It’s VERY snug so I don’t imagine wearing a ton of layers underneath but like all the double-cloth coats, it’s warm and I can get away with a silk shell and and cardigan underneath. The lining isn’t very soft and it’s scrunched together in the sleeves for some reason but overall, the cut and fit are wonderful. I got it in black so it can be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. Here’s a picture – (I’m standing on my tippy toes because the jeans are hemmed for a pair of platform mary janes).

3 thoughts on “J.Crew 00 Lady Day Coat

  1. PetiteAsianGirl

    Duh! I had trouble navigating your blog and didn’t see this post until after I posted my comment asking if you had tried the lady day. I’m so glad it worked out for you too! You should post photos in the Alterations Needed forum for petites, or post here and I’ll link to it!

  2. periwinky Post author

    Thank you for your note. I’m new to blogging and it was such a surprise to see that someone had actually read this! I just uploaded the picture but I’m not familiar with the Alterations Needed forum. I’ll try to check it out this weekend. Cheers!


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