J.Crew Petite 0 versus 00 Coletta Coat

I’ve wanted a J.Crew winter coat in Sea Salt for years but never felt comfortable with the steep price tag. With all the wonderful deals this recent black Friday, I finally decided to pull the trigger. The size 0 was too large in every dimension – length of the arms, the waistband etc – and the SA convinced me to order it in Petite 0. When it arrived, I was really disappointed to find that while the length and arms had been shortened (too short actually), the width of the coat itself remained unchanged, rendering my petite frame boxy and out of proportion. I exchanged it for a 00 which I hope will be a better fit. It should arrive on Monday and hopefully it fits!


I received the 00 and though the sleeves are too long, everything else fits better so I no longer look more truncated or short than I already am. Here’s a picture of how it fits on my 5’3″ frame. (Please forgive the mess and the hair band!)

Initially, I felt like it wasn’t fitted enough but after wearing the coat all this past week, I realize that it’s perfect for those days when there’s bitter freezing wind. You can pile sweaters on underneath this jacket and even when you’ve got a lot going on underneath, it doesn’t look bulky. Eventually, I plan on bringing this to the tailor to shorten up the sleeves. I go to Millie’s in Arlington and they do a great job -the stitching is obviously top-notch even to a nube like me and it’s affordable. Last time I went, I was only charged $26 to tailor the cuffed sleeve of my beloved Burberry lined wool trench. I’m thinking of bringing the sleeves up to right beneath my wrists like in the picture below. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “J.Crew Petite 0 versus 00 Coletta Coat

  1. PetiteAsianGirl

    Oh wow! I just posted a review on the Colletta in 0P and found your post through a google search. I suspected that the 00 regular may be better on taller petites because the waistband is lower and the sleeves are longer. I think after your tailor shortens the sleeves, it will look very nice.

    Have you tried the Lady Day? I found it to be more slimming than the Colletta, but then again I am much shorter than you.

  2. GeorgeE

    I like the way this looks on you–honestly the sleeves need to be a bit long to stay warm and to cover the tops of wrist-length gloves.

    Did you find the sea salt color gets dirty easily? I have the Colletta in black and debated buying the lighter color but am concerned about dirt.

    1. periwinky Post author

      I haven’t found that it gets dirty easily but I usually wear my coat for short periods of time, i.e,. house-car-work and then I hang it up. I don’t wear it unless I know for sure I have a nice place to hang it up which is why I tend to wear my Lady Day coat in black more frequently.


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