My iPad Screen Protector – Application Tips

My iPAD case and screen protector, by Clear Wave Premium, came in last night. My camera’s out of commission so that’s not my picture to the right (it’s from another user), but that’s pretty much what the case looks like. It looks super cool but I’m also thinking of getting a case with stand features – more on that in the future.

I was a little nervous about putting on the screen guard. The kit I bought came with only ONE free screen protector. I have massive lint-laden bubbles on my current smartphone screen so I was a little leery of the fact that I would have only one shot to get this right or risk an additional 2-day wait for new ones. I scoured reviews for tips and videos – the most successful folks seemed to clean their screen meticulously and then apply starting from the corner.

My screen guard was packaged like a sandwich with three pieces of plastic stuck together. There are two thin outside pieces of plastic and the actual guard – which is slightly thicker – is in the middle. I’ve read that not everyone’s screen guard is labeled the same, but below are my recommended tips for a perfect application based on my experience with a guard that had two protruding stickies.

1. find a dust free area to use for cleaning and application*
2. clean your screen with windex
3. wipe screen down meticulously with soft cloth meant for glasses – this includes every particle of possible dust!
4. wipe the bottom right corner of the screen again – this is where you’ll start
5. remove thin plastic using “tab one” half-way – stop there so you can get a smooth application
6. align corner of guard with screen
7. work your way up diagonally – move slowly to get the best application, it almost suctions when you’re doing it right
8. remove thin plastic on other side using “tab two” – move slowly with this and press the guard down as much as you can, otherwise, you might create airbubbles
8. most bubbles will easily be pushed away after a little while
If you have lint under one bubble… well i have one little piece of lint under a bubble which really bothered me at first but after four hours of fun… I didn’t notice it again until I wrote this.
* This is what prevented the perfect application in the end. I used my project table which has neatly stacked organized piles of paper and stickers. Unfortunately, while the clear portions of my table are dust-free, difficult to clean millimeter-sized dust lines frame my piles. It may have been unavoidable, but I’m betting one of these pesky little particles got stuck under the screen as I was applying.

3 thoughts on “My iPad Screen Protector – Application Tips

  1. Mac_Boy

    How is the grippy-ness of the iPad with the new case on it?

    Is it less slippery with the case on it?

    or is it equivalent?

    Right now, the iPad has to be handled carefully in its naked state.

    I’m looking for a case that will allow the iPad to be held without fear of it slipping out of the fingers.

    Thanks for letting me know, congratulations on the good buy!

    1. periwinky Post author


      Congratulations on your purchase!

      The slipperiness is much better with the case on. I also feel a lot more comfortable handling it with a case and screen protector. I am pretty disappointed though at how many fingerprints get on the screen. I guess it is unavoidable but its irritating all the same because I have to wipe it a lot to get the crispness I love to look at so much. I don’t know if it is just a general issue of the iPad because eof the touch screen keyboard but the screen protector doesn’t help.

      I’m going to give it a few more weeks but if it drives me too crazy, I was thinking about picking up a Zagg cover. The company claims it’s military grade – i dont know what that means exactly but they had some very impressive videos on their website. Have you heard about this cover? I have read really positive reviews about how it protects the whole pad, not just the screen.


    2. ipad accessories

      The iPad case has Velcro adjustable stand to provide better viewing angle. The case is perfect for those who travel a lot. It has fold-out stand for a hands free usage, full access to iPad ports, jacks, controls and screen, magnetic clip closure and a book style design that gives instant access to the iPad


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