Shaker card mania!

Earlier this year, I experimented quite a bit with Papertrey Ink’s Sparkle and Shine kit. Here are some examples below.  
The Silhouette is now my favorite tool for making shaker cards because it enables me to customize sentiments and the frames. I love those witch and ghost sequins–so darned cute!

J Crew’s Downtown Field Jacket – XXS vs PXS

J Crew had an awesome 40% off the retail price on their classic Downtown Field Jacket this week. According to the store in my mall, they’re only available online at the moment so I had to order online. I usually get J Crew blazers and outwear in 00 or XXS but the sleeve length is unpredictable. I’m happy that I ordered both the XXS and PXS because the PXS looks like it was tailored just for me! The similar torso width originally made the jacket look a little boxy, but there are some buttons in the back, (whose moniker escapes me!) that enable easy adjustment. Some pics of the differences between the XXS and PXS below — as expected, the PXS is shorter in length in every dimension. DSC03425



When Silhouette won’t Recognize Registration Marks on Vellum…

…shine a bright light close to the machine!


I’ve print and cut successfully on vellum many times in the past but last night was the first time I tried to do it late at night. I don’t understand the mechanics in any real technical way, but looking at the machine try and fail to recognize the registration marks multiple times, I wondered if the machine’s optical reader had a hard time “finding” the black registration marks because the light in my craft room is not very bright at night. One bright light and voila, problem solved!


December Daily 2014 – Full Album


Why December Daily in April? Partly because I told myself that even though the album was done by the end of the month, I needed to wait to finish the cover. Partly because I’d already posted the prep part. Partly because I love looking through minibooks over and over because they remind and delight me of so many thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Partly because we’re four and a half months in and I’m curious to see how effectively our new-year’s-resolution mindset and goals have actually carried into the new year. Thank you to Ali Edwards for leading me through this beautiful project. Stories on paper and film have made me appreciate my life so much more.

IMG_20150412_103545_1 IMG_20150412_103606_1 IMG_20150412_103714_1 IMG_20150412_103732_1 IMG_20150412_103802_1 IMG_20150412_103828_1 Continue reading